International Journal of Orthopaedics and Traumatology

Vol. 5, Issue 1, Part A (2023)

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Early revision of primary total hip replacements in Yaounde: incidence, indications, surgical techniques and results
Fonkoue Loïc, Muluem Kennedy Olivier, Tsiagadigui Jean Gustave, Bitjong Gregory, Nana Theophile, Umaru Chifen, Mohamadou Guemse and Jean Bahebeck
Int. J. Orthop. Traumatol., 2023; 5(1): 01-06
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Outcome analysis of arthroscopic reconstruction of anterior cruciate ligament in adults
Dr. Sujay Gupta, Dr. Lokesh Jangid, Dr. Mahendra Meena, Dr. Ram Prasad Meena and Dr. Rajesh Goel
Int. J. Orthop. Traumatol., 2023; 5(1): 07-13
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Posterolateral elbow dislocation with incarcerated medial epicondyle in a twelve-year old male: A case report and a brief literature review
Deya Alwadi, Fadi Al Rousan and Murad Jwinate
Int. J. Orthop. Traumatol., 2023; 5(1): 14-17
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Results of amputation after limb salvage surgery and primary amputation after diagnosis in malignant bone and soft tissue tumours
Tülay Zenginkinet, Enes Kanay, Tarık Sarı, Salim Çağatay Akbulut, Muhlik Akyürek and Korhan Özkan
Int. J. Orthop. Traumatol., 2023; 5(1): 18-23
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Results of the treatment of leg fractures due to road traffic accidents (ACR) at Owendo University Hospital
MBA Mba C, Kandom K, Nteph JP, Ngouabe H, Enzengue F, Mezene C, Mengue MBA Meyo S, Ondo Edzang SP, Diawara M and Diallo KF
Int. J. Orthop. Traumatol., 2023; 5(1): 24-28
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Functional outcome of isolated medial patellofemoral ligament reconstruction for recurrent patellar dislocation
Faisal MA, Chowdhury AZ, Kundu IK, Mahmud CI, Ali MY, Runa SP, Parajuli S, Amin MR, Dey D, Rasul A and Das CP
Int. J. Orthop. Traumatol., 2023; 5(1): 29-33
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Functional outcome of open reduction and internal fixation of calcaneal fractures with plates using extensile lateral approach
Dr. Johney Juneja, Dr. Nitin Andrews, Dr. Gaurav Garg, Dr. Rahul Gorakh, Dr. Piyush, Dr. AK Mehra and Dr. Ramesh Sen
Int. J. Orthop. Traumatol., 2023; 5(1): 34-45
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Scapholunate distance (SLD) measurement and defining a normal range of SLD in Non-Traumatic wrist X-rays
Dr. Ashootosh Batra, Dr. Imran Ahmad Khan, Dr. Jaya Batra and Dr. Sravanthi Battala
Int. J. Orthop. Traumatol., 2023; 5(1): 46-49
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